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CNAR is pleased to offer CNAR Affiliates our latest eBook. This eBook focuses on Governance in the Public Interest, sharing the efforts of four regulatory bodies to push forward and shift traditional processes in how they govern and carry out their public protection mandate. Insights are drawn from the following CNAR 2021 presentations: “A New Day: Governance Transition at the Ontario College of Teachers”; “Can a Competency Requirement for Eligibility Save the Election Process?”; “Regulating in the Public Interest: Measuring the Impact of Regulation”; and “Preventing Risks to the Public Before They Happen: Practical Tools for Risk-Based Regulators”. 

Other eBooks available on the Affiliate portal:

  • Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (2021)

  • Technology (2020)

  • Diversity and Inclusion (2020)

Access to CNAR's eBooks is exclusive to CNAR Affiliates and Partners. Please log into the portal HERE or email if you require assistance. To become a CNAR Affiliate, please apply at via the link at or contact Peony Chiang at

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